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Term dates for 2024

Term 1: Wednesday 31st January – Friday 12th April (11 weeks)
Term 2: Monday 29th April – Friday 5th July (10 weeks)
Term 3: Monday 22nd July – Friday 27th September (10 weeks)
Term 4: Monday 14th October – Thursday 19th December (10 weeks)


All venue staff at CSMP are qualified early childhood education professionals. Each venue has a NESA accredited Early Childhood teacher and Diploma qualified educators.



Qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Educators plan and develop a curriculum guided by the outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Children will have a strong sense of identity
  • Children will be connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children will have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children will be confident and involved learners
  • Children will be effective communicators

Wait List Registration

Spaces for 2024 filling up fast!

Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool provides a preschool program for 20 children aged 3-5 years at any appropriate venue within 1 hour’s drive of our base at Nowra. 

The Mobile Preschool operates with 2 fully equipped vehicles. University and TAFE qualified staff members attend each venue. We carry tables, chairs, rugs, toys, books, puzzles, games, paint, paper, easels, art and craft materials and much, much more.

Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool is a community-owned, not for profit service and has been operating for 44 years in the Shoalhaven. It is one of the longest running mobile preschools in NSW.

The Mobile Preschool is the place for little ones to have lots of fun with children from their own area. It’s a place to play and learn and make friends.

We are a registered Preschool not a Long Day Care facility

If you would like this service in your community please call our office on 02 44 230 571.

The Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool is not a childcare facility; we are a registered Preschool and do not access Commonwealth funds.

Long Day Care facilities are federally funded. Centre Based Preschools are State funded by the Department of Education and Communities. They may call themselves a Preschool but if they are funded by the Federal Government they are a Long Day Care facility.

We only operate in the school term; we do not open during the school holidays, just like schools.

We provide a high quality service; our Teachers are University trained with an Early Childhood degree. Other staff are TAFE trained and have a Diploma in Child Care.

Preschool venues for 2024 are Huskisson, Manyana and Cambewarra

Term dates for 2024 are as follows:

Term 1: Wednesday 31st January – Friday 12th April (11 weeks)

Term 2: Monday 29th April – Friday 5th July (10 weeks)

Term 3: Monday 22nd July – Friday 27th September (10 weeks)

Term 4: Monday 14th October – Thursday 19th December (10 weeks)


CSMP provides a two-day preschool program for children aged from 3 years. Our program provides high quality early childhood education that promotes the holistic development of each child.
Our Educators curate engaging learning environments and design and implement developmentally appropriate experiences that encourage learning through play and investigation. The program is flexible and recognises the individual needs and interests of children.

Our school readiness program aims to equip young children with the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the classroom environment.

Learning through Play

CSMP strongly believes in the benefits of preschool aged children learning through play and investigation. Learning through play encourages children to develop positive attitudes towards learning and allows children to be active participants in their own learning.

Through play, our pre-schoolers learn about problem solving and cause and effect. Through interactions with their peers they learn compromise, conflict resolution and sharing. Games, manipulatives, craft and construction activities develop fine and gross motor skills whilst fostering creativity and imagination.

What is the difference between a Preschool and a Childcare Centre?

Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool is a mobile service providing a comprehensive preschool program taught by university qualified teachers. Preschool services are limited to providing education to children who are 3 on or before the 31st of July in each school year, the same as going to primary school. Our service follows the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum for children preschool aged and focuses heavily on school readiness.

Mobile preschools have only recently fallen “into-scope” with the Department of Education meaning we are yet to be rated the same as a long day care centre would be.

What is school readiness and how does it look in your service?

School readiness is delivered in our service as a play-based curriculum which fosters many of the skills that will set your child up for success when they move to kindergarten. School readiness skills encompasses exploring aspects of language, literacy, numeracy, science, through play, and additionally has a strong focus on social capabilities to support children in their kindergarten classroom. This will look like empowering children to solve problems, interact with a wide range of people, encouraging respect for diverse views and opinions, and assisting children with developing the skills they need to meet their needs independently as required in primary school.

How do you decide what to teach our children?

Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool places high importance on consultation with all parties when planning and implementing anything at all in the preschool. On enrolment and at the start of each school year, we ask families to provide an all about me sheet which outlines the children’s interests and what you, as the parent and expert on your child, have in mind for goals of the children. This informs our planning and practice, incorporating those goals, interests and expertise in how we set up our environments and the play-based learning experiences which are offered to align with this.

Each child has a personalised learning folder which at the end of their time with the preschool is provided to our families as a keepsake and clear display of the learning journey your child has gone on with our preschool. At any time, our teachers and educators are able to have discussions with you about changes to your goals for your child or how their development is tracking.

How do I enrol at Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool?

If you would like more information about enrolling, please call us or fill out the “contact us” form to receive a call back. On enrolment, we provide a parent handbook which details all of the information about your child’s day.

Does Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool provide meals?

As we are a mobile Preschool and our focus is on school-readiness skills, we do not provide meals. Health and nutrition is part of our program, and encouraging and teaching children about healthy lunchboxes happens every day. Parents are asked to provide lunch and afternoon snack in a lunchbox for the children. Then, throughout the day, just like lunch and recess at school, the children sit together and eat their meals. This teaches the children respect and responsibility for their belongings and helps them develop the dexterity required to manipulate their own lunchboxes when moving off to school.

How will I know what kind of day my child had?

Our attentive teachers will provide you an update on pick up on how your child’s day went. At the entry of each venue you will find the iPad with the daily slideshow on it for you to view the fun experiences we got up to throughout the day. We also have private Facebook groups for our families at each venue where we make posts with what we have been working on.

We are currently transitioning to an online platform which will allow us to send our families updates in real time!

I am worried about my child starting preschool. How will I settle my child in?

CSMP offers newly enrolling families an orientation day where possible. With covid, please check with the office on when we are able to accommodate your family to visit our service for orientation.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained to attend our service?

No, however we will work closely with your family to assist if this is a goal you have for your child’s development.

When are you open?

Please see the venue opening times and term dates on our home page. We do not operate school holidays.


What Our Families are Saying

“My daughter loves her time at the Huskisson centre of the Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool. She enjoys a fantastic variety of activities in our local area with friends she will start school with.”
– Gayle Simpson

“Our son is always happy on preschool days and has a wonderful rapport with the staff. We are blessed to have such a safe, energetic and stimulating preschool in our local community.”
– Craig and Cinnamon Burnes

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Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool

We are a not for profit community based mobile preschool with 2 fully equipped vans. We set up at community centres in local villages within the Shoalhaven

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